“Why Can’t My New Employees Write?” John Warner

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One of the most interesting pieces concerning writing skills is the work of John Warner Why Can’t my new employees write. The author who was a former writing teacher at the college level asserts that the problem facing the new human resources is not generational defects or the effects of technological innovations such as Smartphone, when it comes to writing skills. Warner believes that the problem lies with the poor teaching methods on writing.

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The practice of writing has been fading immediately students leave colleges and other institutions of learning. The interest simply fades, with the employers believing that technology is killing these important skills. Warner offers the solution to the problem by claiming that the students, who later graduate to the professional arena, feel that writing as a skill is a task. Warner points the problem to standardization as the reason why writing does not involve critical thinking. Warner notes, the current students simply need to write a five-paragraph essay to qualify in their respective courses. Consequently, learners believe that they are not provided the opportunity to decide on acquiring the skill of writing. The author believes that writing is as riding a bike, balance is crucial. Warner argues that nobody can teach balance. The author thinks that teachers when teaching about writing attempt to force the learning of “balance.”

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Warner in this piece identifies one of the most significant problems affecting the human race in contemporary times. He identified that issue that has been contributing to our loss of creativity. Warner in this book teaches about classical education, which concentrated on teaching skills and attitude to improve learner’s writing.

Note: This is a sample paper from a fellow students.

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Warner, J. (2016, June). Why Can’t my new employees write.

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