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The two most significant ancient Japanese texts appear in the books “Military Government At Kamakura” and “Precepts of the Warrior Houses section.” Shigetoki wrote the first Kakun, the “Precepts of the Warrior Houses section” between the years of 1237 and 1247 to his son Nagatoki (1230-1264). The “Military Government At Kamakura” happened between the years 1156-1185. The two texts are significant in the ancient Japan Administration. “Precepts of the Warrior Houses section” stipulates how the son who was to take over Kyoto deputyship had to behave. The “Military Government At Kamakura” showed how there was strong political rivalry between Taira and Minamoto lines during the twelfth century.

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The two texts cover the responsibilities and the state of power in pre-modern Japan. Shigetoki in the text instructed his son Nagatoki how the latter will be composing self and how he will be dealing with social inferiors during his tenures. The father emphasized on emotional intelligence of his son when he will be handling the followers. Shigetoki’s demands to Nagatoki include fear of Supreme Beings, emotional intelligence, type of drinks and clothes. In the case of “Military Government At Kamakura,” each line was fighting to obtain the lucrative positions in the provisional governor’s office. The position was to promote specific lines at the court. Fujiwara and Minamoto houses were under conflict on who will be the chieftain, while Taira no Kiyomori was united.  The latter won during the warfare in the streets of Kyoto on 1159. After the death of Kiyomori, Yoshitsune proved strong to “Minamoto” in the quest to wipe out Taira chieftains. In 1185, “Yoshitsune” assumed power. The above texts indicate how the pre-modern Japan practiced the politics of succession and conflicts.  Nagatoki was to inherit the seat of his father Shigetoki when the latter would leave the office. Moreover, ethics rather than profitability were crucial. In precepts 3, Shigetoki wrote, “However profitable an undertaking might be, desist from it, though the gain is huge if your reputation is at stake; stick to your respectability….”(Haley, 1994). According to Ebrey & Walthall (2013) “…functional disputes in the Heian court merged with warfare that pitted family members against each other.” The two pieces highlight the crucial happenings during pre-modern Japan.

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