Research on Mental illness as a Criminogenic Factor

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Background: There are different reasons why a person would have an urge to commit a crime. These factors range from the need to profit to peer influence. There has also been an increase in the link between mental illness and crime (Markowitz, 2011; Vogel, 2014). Criminal lawyers have been using the defense of unsound mind in an attempt to either avoid or lessen charges filed against their clients (Warren, 2018).  Schools have also been experiencing cases of crimes committed by students with mental problems. Consequently, students have been having a certain perception about mental illness as a criminogenic factor. Since the cases of crimes by students with mental illness are on the rise, it will be prudent to analyze the perception of students towards mental illness as a criminogenic factor.

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Objectives: The purpose of this research is to investigate if there are factors that contribute to an individual having an urge to commit a crime. The study will also explore if mental illness is a major criminogenic factor. The study will also identify if mental health is among the characteristics of criminals. Lastly, the research will examine if students perceive mental health as the main contributor to behavioral changes evident in the lives of criminals.

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Methodology: The research methodology will be a qualitative meta-analysis. There will be a collection of findings from the secondary sources. The identification of the sample will be through the sample formula. The most significant factors used to analyze the sample population include variability, precision and confidence levels. There will be an analysis of the findings from different articles. There will be no additional research since the study will concentrate on the findings of the previous researches. 

Note: This is a sample paper from a fellow students.

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