Misaligned Expectations and Non-Cooperative Behavior in Indian Microfinance

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Group-based microfinance is one of the approaches, which aims at benefiting the poor and the unbankable. Most poor persons fail to access financial products such as microcredit, microfinancing, and microinsurance. The group-based microfinance has been instrumental in assisting the poor persons to save, invest, source of income and empowerment (especially among women). This article's study is to investigate if the hypothesis that group-based microfinance is ineffective is true or false. The Indian self-help group (SHGs) is a case study to the above hypothesis, with a majority of the poor persons in the country aiming at benefiting from being members.

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The study involved the qualitative method of collecting data. The two methods in use include the Focus Group Discussion (FDG) and Semi-Structured Interview. The choice of FDG was primarily because of its ability to eliminate vagueness in the information. Thematic analysis was used to analyze the data. Data collection and analysis was in major financial institutions such as the bank, intermediary agencies, the SHG and households with SHG members.

The research finding indicates that the SHG expects that bankers should assist the former with expertise. In the same time, SHG expect that members should not have abnormal expectations. The research finding in continuation shows that the different institutions had high expectations with each other even though their anticipations were misaligned and antagonistic. The different expectation by the institutions was creating tensions in the India microfinance ecosystem. In conclusion, the study indicates that the primary reason for the disorganization of SHGs is because of inter-stakeholders expectation. To support the findings, Debadutta Kumar Panda (2019) recommends additional research on the issue. 

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Panda, D. K. (2019). Misaligned Expectations and Non-Cooperative Behavior in Indian Microfinance: Evidence from a Survey. Journal of Economic Issues53(1), 211

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