Article Summary: Mediation of the Acute Stress Response by the Skeleton

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Article Summary

One of the most significant articles concerning the subject of Accuse Stress Response is Mediation of the Acute Stress Response by the Skeleton by Julian Meyer Berger et al. The authors researched on how vertebrates respond to fear by increasing the uptake of glutamate that leads to the production of osteocalcin. The latter is responsible for the suppressing of the parasympathetic nervous system that enables stress response.   

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Meyer Berger et al (2019 September) hypothesized that bones are crucial among vertebrates in the wild to take a flight. The authors utilized previous researches to come up with the findings for their study. The study results showed that bioactive osteocalcin is instrumental for the manifestation of Acute Stress Response (ASR) that enables animals living in the wild to escape. The authors noted that animals lacking glucocorticoid could still develop a normal Acute Stress Response, but the endocrine functions of the bones are still important for animals in the wild to escape danger. The authors acknowledge the importance of osteocalcin in escaping danger among the vertebrates. Meyer Berger et al (2019 September identify the limitation of the study as the difficulty to determine the identity of glutamatergic neuritis within bones.

The hypothesis the authors in the article sought to answer is whether the bone and the release of osteocalcin helps with ASR. The authors chose to pursue this study to analyze if vertebrates have a high chance of sensing danger and reacting to it in comparison to the invertebrates. The current information of the ASR that seems to be inconsistent with the response is how animals deficient in glucocorticoid could still develop a normal ASR.

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Berger, J. M., Singh, P., Khrimian, L., Morgan, D. A., Chowdhury, S., Arteaga-Solis, E., ... & Rahmouni, K. (2019). Mediation of the Acute Stress Response by the Skeleton. Cell metabolism.

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