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Public Administration Policies

Public administration policies are vital to the performance of the government. The below articles analyze different articles touching on the issue of government policies.

Article 1:

Rachel Swarns (2014) in the article appearing in the New York Times explores the new policy by the City Mayor Bill de Blasio on the welfare program. New York City’s welfare workers have long been feeling as non-members of the workforce since their jobs were mostly “contractual” meaning that they did not qualify to enjoy additional benefits, which is present among the “workers” of the city. For example, the city was issuing welfare workers with the tags, which indicates that they are “Non-Employee.” Consequently, most of the welfare workers were aware that their services to the residents of the city were simply in exchange for income without anything more. The situation was about to change because of the new policy by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

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The article traces the primary origin of the current situation with the initiative by former mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani. The mayor’s program was one of the largest in the United States of America (U.S.A), where the welfare recipients were assigned to the workforce. The program by Giuliani allowed welfare recipients to engage in job-search programs. City Mayor Bill de Blasio refutes the program as having no meaningful progress and growth of the welfare recipients.  The mayor thinks that the program did not highlight the underlining issue; instead, it chose to offer a quick solution to a complex situation. It was for this reason that the mayor decided to introduce change on the issue of the absorption of welfare recipients to the workforce program.

Mayor Bill de Blasio chose to use education as the steps of transiting as a welfare recipient to the workforce. The mayor thought that education will be the best way of welfare recipients transiting to full workforce.  The mayor argued that the previous program of assigning the welfare recipients to workforce only meant they would end up in positions such as cleaning parks and subway, the positions de Blasio thought did not result in personal growth. The program enabled welfare recipients to attend college and then return to work on a part-time basis.  The city to show support for welfare recipients, wishing to return back to school offered $ 200 million to the program. The choice of asking the welfare recipients to go back to school and upgrade their education was because close to 60 percent of the welfare recipients did not have a high school diploma. Consequently, the human resources did not have the basis to warrant for absorption in employment.

The article is a crucial piece on the problems that are common in the case of public administration to improve service provision by civil servants. Public offices require policies such as those introduced by Mayor Bill de Blasio when the existing programs are not working. There is no guarantee that Mayor Bill de Blasio’s program will work fully, but research indicates that programs that combine education and work duties become successful. Besides, the proposed program by Mayor Bill de Blasio indicates how public administration works, through involving administration officials. The collaboration of all officials ensures that the program is functional. In most cases, as the article illustrates, public administration fails after the implementer leaves the office as it was with the case with Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani. The article indicates the common efforts and problems that face public administration in the U.S.A.

Article 2:

Irving Wladawsky-Berger (2019) in the article appearing in The Wall Street Journal investigates the changing working environment because of the development in technology. The author outlines how the World Bank views the intrusion of technology in the traditional workplaces. The World Bank intervention was because of the anxiety that technology will wipe out workers from their jobs. The World Bank does not foresee robots taking over the duties of human beings. Instead, the world’s financial body thinks that technology will improve public service delivery. World Bank’s representative McKinsey thinks that technology will be able to reshape the skills workers will require in their jobs. Workers will have to improve their cognitive skills and sociobehavioral skills. Technology according to the article does not only concentrate on the replacement of the declining skills of the workforce. Technology is proving to increase interconnectedness between human beings in different localities in the globe. For instance, the article identifies the power of the Smartphone, where users can now interconnect with other users in different parts of the globe. The speed in communication and the dissemination of information is improving public service delivery.

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The article points out on the policies, which governments must implement in a move to ensure good public service delivery. The World Bank provides that governments and public institutions must invest in human capital. This move is to ensure that the existing public service officers would be in a position to use technology to provide better services to the public.  The financial body advises the governments that learning should begin at a younger age, with the continual education crucial to keep up the workforce updated. World Bank also provides that governments must be in a position to provide good social protection coverage, which will help workers transiting from one job to the other. The world’s financial body does not foresee most of the human resources staying in single jobs for long because of changing the work environment. The government, in this case, must ensure that its social protection coverage protects its working citizens. The World Bank also advises the governments to upgrade the taxation system as a policy, which will ensure that it has enough money to cover the welfare of workers. The above article aligns with the activities that happen with public administration.

Most global governments, especially the most developed nations have been ensuring that all the potential candidates, who wish to work in the public service, have qualification on technological matters. The governments are acknowledging that technology is becoming part of the day-to-day activities of workers. For this reason, the policy provides that technology become part of the requirement for interview candidates for public service posts. In line with the recommendations by the World Bank, most governments are introducing technology studies from the tender age, with students transiting with the skills to higher education and eventually the professional workplace. The article points out the vital policies enacted by the World Bank for adoption by the governments. Public administration can involve policies that are functional in one part of the globe, to be introduced in new regions. The article touches on a crucial component of public administration, where the traditional public service provision is changing. The adoption of the policy by World Bank means that most governments will be in a position to convince its workforce to adopt the changes brought by technology without anxiety.

Article 3:

Arianne Cohen (2019), in an article appearing in Bloomberg Businessweek, explores the new policy, where employers are allowing its workers to enroll in master’s programs. Some employers as per Cohen (2019) are contributing some percentage of tuition fees towards the education of workers. The article identified one of the previous trends of employers paying all the tuition fees and the human resources leaving immediately after graduating. This development contributed to a majority of employers desisting from financing master level education of its human resources. Cohen in the article asserts that if an employee is willing to benefit from tuition coverage as high as 75%, they should be ready to serve in the government, majorly the military. The article observes that a huge percentage of MBA students are from the military. Other sectors that are famous with the education finance program include the consultancy services and financial services. The sectors contribute towards the education of its human resources with a pre-contract, where the employees must sign to agree to return to the company or a government department after their school. This agreement aims at preventing an incident where workers leave the organization once they graduate.

The article explores the importance of the employer financing the education of human resources. For instance, in the case of the military, the article identified that the graduates got a promotion. This fact was evident with the case of Jered Collins who received an award for emerging on top of his class. The service member was installed “as a special forces company commander at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, overseeing 100 personnel providing logistical support for combat forces.”  The military in a move to prevent mass exodus sets a clause where the graduates have to agree to continue serving in the military for an additional six years in the military after graduating in school. In any event, the graduate wants to leave the military before the elapse of the six-year period, the person must be ready to refund back the tuition fees. In the case of the private practice, Deloitte ensures that it first carry out an interview on the best undergraduate candidates, who will benefit with the master's program, in any event, the company choose to further the education. Corporate funding is a common practice in countries such as South Korea and Japan.  The benefit of furthering the education of the employees in the two Asian countries is that most of the human resources stick to one company for a considerable time.

The article touches on the practices, which are currently common in public administration. Government agencies are adopting the practice of furthering the education of its human resources for the benefit of public service delivery. Furthering the education of human resources means that the additional skills acquired in school would be beneficial to service delivery in agencies and councils. Public administration is about the policies, which will ensure that the services provided by the workers are beneficial to the public. Public administration is not about providing services alone.  Ensuring that workers have the right education and skills are some of the policies geared towards improving service delivery. The article incorporates the cases of South Korea and Japan, with the two indicating how furthering the education of human resources can be beneficial to both the institution and human resources. Public service would achieve a huge boost with the support of workers education.

Article 4:

Josh Boak (2019) in the article appearing in TIME explored the government policies, which would help in generation of more jobs in the U.S. The federal policy was also aiming at generating more employment in the public sector, for the aim of provision of better services to the public. The government through the Federal Reserve decided to cut the interest rate in an effort to stimulate the economy. Cutting the federal interest rate makes the production cheaper, in the process allowing manufacturers and other institutions to employ more workers. The hiring of workers depends on the federal rates and the performance of the economy. The Federal Reserve policy of cutting the interest rate means that the economy will be simulated. Consequently, consumers will have more money to purchase products and to seek services. The public service delivery also has to improve, since the citizens will be seeking services from the government in an effort to conduct businesses and their day-to-day activities.

The article identifies the effect of the federal policy as increasing employment in different sectors of the U.S. As per the article, the new employment level was 21000 workers in the manufacturing sector, with the health care and social assistance gaining big by the employment of 50,500 jobs. The other biggest benefactor of the interest rate cut is the government sector. The government added 33,000 jobs in the local level of the government. Increase in the number of employment in the government is because of the effort by the Federal Reserve to reduce the interest rate to benefit the players in the economy. The author of the article touches on the threat, which could undermine the move by the government to stimulate the economy. Trump has been engaging in trade wars, which means that the move by the Federal Reserve could have no effect in the future.

The article connects with public administration since the policy enacted aims at improving public service. There is a connection between public service and the improvement in the economy. Government policy, in this case, enables the federal agencies to react to the effect of the economy. Stimulation of the economy enables both the public and the state agencies to experience the same impact and affect any imbalance. Increase in the employment rate by the private sector demands that the public sector must also replicate the same. Reduction of the federal rate guarantees that employment will both be present in the public and the private sector. The policy by the Federal Reserve ensures that the entire life of the public improves, while the service delivery of the government also increases. In any event, the Federal Reserve will be willing to reduce the cases of hiring for public service; it would increase the federal interest, with the move increasing the cost of business. Companies and other sectors will react by reducing their hiring rate. The government will also replicate themselves by reducing the hiring of public servants. The article touches on one of the most important public administration policies.

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