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Abortion is undoubtedly one of the most divisive and emotionally charged medical topics in history, and it still divides opinion in medicine today. In the past, there have been numerous instances of doctors being lynched for performing these procedures, even if abortion was illegal. The investigation of abortions from a medical perspective is more difficult because pregnancy and everything related to it have always been at the cutting edge of political, social, and cultural debate.

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Justifiable reasons for abortion

There are many justifiable reasons a woman could decide to have an abortion, from pragmatism to intense emotion. The desire to concentrate on a job and professional growth, the typically unpredictable nature of a pregnancy, or the financial difficulty of raising a child are common causes. In addition, young women, in particular, worry about being expelled from their homes or about bringing up their broken connection with their parents and the accompanying dearth of support structures (Lauren et al., 72). However, the "repeat abortion" phenomenon is more complex and affects women who have had multiple abortions.

It is crucial to acknowledge the importance of abortions as a population control strategy while addressing legality (Guillaume and Rossier, 206). Healthcare practitioners are required by law in several nations to disclose patients who have had unintentional unlawful abortions, which is against medical ethics (Dickens, 274). Although it is crucial to acknowledge the societal challenges associated with legalizing abortions, policymakers should always consider the harm caused by doing so.

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Contrasting reasons for legalizing abortion

Fever, significant bleeding, a variety of infections, and, in more severe circumstances, infertility, needless handicap, or even death are common complications. It is critical to understand the seriousness of the potential repercussions and the amount of modern medical development that reduces these risks when all the instructions for the surgery are followed. Unfortunately, some medical professionals manipulate and incite fear in their patients to convince them not to have an abortion. Such conduct violates the power dynamics between the doctor and the patient and is highly unethical.

Abortion is a decision that discredits and violates the religious movement. By fostering the idea that humans have souls, which manifest in the earliest stages of conception, religious institutions direct all efforts to preserve humans' lives and health. According to religious doctrine, a person's soul is the most priceless gift that the Almighty has given the world, and as a result, taking it is regarded as murder. Religious perspectives are widely held in society and are expressed through criticism and condemnation.

General conclusion

History demonstrates that when abortion is illegal in a nation, the number of abortions does not significantly decrease. Prohibitive policies reduce the availability of safe and legal procedures, driving desperate patients to make risky and frequently unsuccessful attempts. Society should invest in sex education and social policy sectors that provide support networks for struggling mothers if it wants to decrease the number of abortions. In addition to seriously harming the affected women, such fear-mongering techniques do little to aid the cause of fewer abortions.

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