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Communication virtually drives the everyday lives of people globally. Of all the various forms of communication, communication through music is undisputedly the most personal. When words fail, music communicates to everyone and is understood everywhere, fostering social harmony. Unquestionably, music is a gift that unites people on a worldwide level. It is a kind of art with a focus on interpersonal relationships. For music to attain its cardinal objectives, various intertwined and interdependent musical techniques come into play to produce smoothening music. A pitch, a specific position of a sound within a set of notes, is an essential musical technique that helps define whether a sound is high or low in musical melodies (Park et al., 728) ". The following are two contrasting performances of a musical pitch from two different cultures.

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‘My voice is heard’ is a type of Ojibwe song. The Woodlands culture is a part of the Ojibwe culture. The Ojibwe people live in a large area near the Great Lakes, though some have moved to the plains or farther south. According to Native American belief, music is holy. They think that the drum unites people. It brings about calm. When the drum is played, people are contemplative. They learn to value and respect one another. Like a pulse, the drumming is sensed well within. The first folk music of America is Native American music (Bakan, Michael 46). From the traditional powwow music style, the song "My voice is heard" uses the Chippewa note. The pitch is slightly above the intended octave pitch system of a C-sharp to a median interval of the high and low pitch, making the melody undulate in a descending inflection. The descending pitch emulates the sound of fading thunder, in line with the cultural beliefs.

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‘The thrill is gone’ is a 20th Century African American blues song. These are secular folk music created by traditional African American slave spirituals used as work chants in the south. Blues were used to create social bondage for enslaved Africans through soul-touching genres expressing common suffrage. The ‘The thrill is gone’ song uses micronotal pitch with different intervals as a musical style. The pitch is predominantly on the sixth degree's B to E and D major scale. The pitch is intended to create a soothing slow melancholy mood over the difficult time that B.B King, the author intended.

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